Dear All members, readers and friends. on Behalf of the directorate of Strategy International, I would like to welcome you to the section of our young Strategists.

This blog was created with the help and actions only of young people.

We are all delighted that this work has come foreword. It allows all of you and the youth section of Strategy International to interact and exchange issues on current affairs of strategic importance to the foreign and security policies that are held both in Greece and the World. At the same time it provides an opportunity to all and also the youth team of SI to express their opinions by writing in current affairs articles in three languages, English, Greek and French.

They are also allowed to support articles according to the sections of our sectors at our main webpage.

On behalf of Strategy International allow me to thank the team that worked for this job, and to welcome all our members of youth SI, our readers and friends to the Blog of SI and ask all of you to contribute to this section by writing constructive articles with proposals and current analysis.

Finally please refrain from making critics and using unacceptable wording at your articles in the hope that we create new and innovative standards on showing to the world that young people indeed the future!

Congratulations to the Team of Youth SI for this excellent work!!


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